Cigar Review: Hamlet 25th Year Robusto

Released at the IPCPR cigar trade show in the middle of last year, the Hamlet 25th Year Robusto celebrates Hamlet Paredes 25 years in the cigar business.

Hamlet Paredes is a very well known Cuban cigar roller who has travelled extensively around the world for Habanos S.A., the Cuban company that runs the Cuban cigar trade. Ask any Cuban cigar aficionado and they will tell you that a Hamlet Paredes custom rolled Cuban cigar is a prized possession in their collection. Indeed, Hamlet Parades spent three months in Malaysia in 2007 with
our parent company Trinidad Cigars when he was with the famed Partagas factory.

Rocky Patel, an American cigar producer, met Hamlet and offered him a position to create Hamlet cigars under his Rocky Patel Premium Cigars label. So although created by a Cuban, these cigars aren’t Cuban, and contain a blend of Nicaraguan, USA, Honduran,and Ecuadorean tobacco.

The Hamlet 25th Year follows on from Hamlet’s first release with Rocky Patel, the “Tabaquero” and is much lighter-bodied than its predecessor.

The cigar measures 50 ring gauge by 5 ½ inches in length and comes wrapped in a lovely Colorado coloured wrapper from Ecuador. Binder and filler from the USA, Nicaragua and Honduras make up the rest of the blend.

The review

The pre-light draw reveals a slight aniseed/liquorice flavour and upon lighting, the first third offers sweet nutmeg, cinnamon and an easily identifiable cedar undertone. There’s some hints of white pepper aroma which makes it an enlivening experience. There’s a bit of sweetness on the palate, while thick creamy smoke drifts into the air.

Towards the middle of the cigar, more warm spice and thick smoke impacts your senses! There’s a savoury dry cedar and toasted wood flavour coming in.

The end of the cigar reveals similar flavours; spice, some pepper and woody notes. Overall this is a great cigar for beginners and experienced cigar lovers. The ash is almost completely white and is firm and strong from start to finish.

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