Cigar Review: La Gloria Cubana, Regional Edition 2014 Caribe

The 2014 Caribe Edicion Regional was the La Gloria Cubana “Paraiso” and officially release in mid-2015. The robusto, whose name translates to “paradise” in English, measures 5.3 x 52. La Gloria Cubana is a current pre-revolution brand that was established in 1885. It lapsed in 1959 and was reinstated circa 1965. It is classified by Habanos SA as a local brand, and has a minor market share according to

Only 4000 of these cigars were made and after completing this review there’s one less!

The LGC has a perfect draw which allows a very nice flow of floral notes and salt and pepper to reach the palate. Half way through the cigar dry pepper notes combine with a light chilli aroma and cumin spice. Approaching the end, the La Gloria Cubana is becoming more full-bodied with increasing pepper flavour and a very noticeable dry wood aroma.

The La Gloria Cubana Edicion Limitadad Caribe is a light-bodied, easy-going cigar with enough spiciness to keep it interesting without it being overbearing. Don’t pair it with anything too heavy! Rum, cognac, whisky, or coffee will drown out the subtle flavours. I’d suggest a crisp cold lager or even a mineral water to refresh your palate between puffs!

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