Cigar Smoking World Championship Kuala Lumpur - The Rules

Cigar Smoking World Championship - Kuala Lumpur Qualifying Event
Saturday 16 March, Astor Bar, St Regis, 7pm for 8pm Start.

This event has everyone in the Kuala Lumpur Cigar Scene talking and one of the BIG questions is: What are the rules?

Mark Bilic has just wrapped up a qualifying event at the ProCigar Festival in the Dominican Republic and sent us the official rules. We have summarised them and shared the official document below. 

At the event on 16 March at Astor Bar, St Regis, Marko will read the rules again and clarify further. It may sound strict, but with the amazing prizes up for grabs, there's no room for errors.

  • If you haven't booked your seat yet, please email today!

The Rules (Summary)

  • Every competitor chooses their cigar, if you choose your cigar and want to change it, you may do so once.
  • Competitors have 1 minute to cut their cigar.
  • When the competition begins, competitors have 1 minute to light their cigar using the two long matches provided.
  • No further lighting of the cigar is allowed after this.
  • You cannot blow through the cigar or interfere with the burn except for puffing normally. You have to keep the cigar in your hand the whole time. You can not rest it on an ashtray. 
  • For the first 5 minutes of the competition, no talking is allowed.
  • Cigar is to be smoked up until the cigar band (the band has a thin white strip on it that will show burn marks etc)
  • A competitor is out if the cigar goes out or the burn reaches the band. Marko will come to you and record your time. 
  • The competitor who has kept the cigar lit for the longest period of time (and after penalty minutes are considered) will be declared the winner!

Penalty minutes will be added to your time if:

  • Your cigar's ash falls in the first 40 minutes. 
  • You burn the cigar band.

Click here for prizes and more competition details.

Official Rules:

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