Discover Our New Travel Humidor

Cigar House is pleased to present its latest accessory: a Trinidad branded travel humidor. The travel humidor fits five cigars, has a reservoir for distilled water, or plenty of space for a Boveda pack to accompany your cigars.

Grab yours today for RM99 at

Trinidad Travel Humidor

Our travel humidors are perfect for when you are away from your humidor and want to keep your cigars in optimum condition. Shaped foam inserts keep your cigars safe, while the outer plastic cover is strong enough to endure plenty of bumps and drops.

Once closed the case is airtight and watertight, which is great news for anyone enjoying cigars while fishing.

It’s big enough to fit five Churchill-sized cigars, but small enough to carry in one hand on your way to your next cigar meet-up!

Get yours for just RM99! 

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