Fun With Cigars

Too often, collectively as cigar smokers we can get caught up in the seriousness of cigars - the reviews, ratings, cigar politics, cigar taxes. It’s important to remind ourselves that cigars are created to be enjoyed and a lot of fun can be had with cigars besides sitting down in a cigar lounge and talking to fellow cigar lovers. Long Ash competitions and Smoke Rings are just some of the ways fun can be had with cigars.

Long Ash Competitions

As the name suggests, a long ash competition sees “competitors” test themselves to see who can have the longest ash. Of course, each person should have the same cigar – obviously someone with a double corona has a better chance of longer ash than someone smoking a robusto! With each person lighting their cigar at approximately the same time, the aim of the game is to see who can achieve the longest ash.

Tips and Techniques: There are varying techniques people use. Most popular is keeping the cigar vertical at all times, even when smoking, so ensure that gravity plays as little a role as possible to stop the ash falling. Of course this technique requires players to tilt their heads back each time they take a puff – not the classiest look, but if you’re going to gloat to your friends afterwards as the winner, there are somethings you just have to do.

People who have been in long ash competitions have different puffing approaches. Some swear that shallow puffs on your cigar will ensure it remains in tact for longer. Others argue that regular puffs are more consistent and deliver a good strong ash.

Prizes: Whether it’s merely bragging rights amongst your friends that you’re competing for or if the winner has a few cigars to take home, it raises the stakes and ensures a fun night with fellow cigar lovers.

Smoke Rings

Cigar smoke, being much thicker than cigarette smoke, provides a great opportunity to work on your smoke ring game. The vapers have taken this skill to the next level, however they don’t have to worry about smoking their cigar too quickly and can take huge puffs in a short amount of time to do some crazy designs. Make sure you’re practicing indoors as any ventilation could quickly destroy your well-crafted smoke rings!

Slow Smoking Competition

A global competition, known as the Cigar Smoking World Championship founded by cigar lounge owner Marko Bilic, tests competitors’ ability to keep a cigar lit for the longest period of time. Each competitor is given a corona sized cigar and is allowed two matches to light it. This competition may seem simple, however when you consider most cigar smokers finish a corona sized cigar in about an hour, the current world record is 158 minutes, 15 seconds or just over 2 and half hours! The current world record holder is Russian Alexander Shagay. A World Championship Final is held very year in Split, Croatia with regional qualifying events taking place around the globe. This year Bangkok and Saigon hosted events and is enquiring about hosting an event in Kuala Lumpur in 2019.

So, relax with a cigar, but don’t forget to also have some fun!

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