Yesser Ferrera of Puro Aliados factory Honduras to tour Malaysia

Yesser Ferrera, a third-generation Honduran tobacco grower and cigar maker will commence a three month-long cigar rolling tour in Malaysia in November and will feature at numerous cigar events around Kuala Lumpur.  

Yesser Ferrera works on the Ferrera family’s line of cigars from Puros Aliados factory in Honduras. The factory is the famed home of iconic brand Cuba Aliados and Puros Indios created by the Reyes family. Rolando Reyes Snr, who passed away in 2012 at the age of 89, was a very well-respected cigar maker who left Cuba in the 1970s to the USA and then Honduras. In 1995, Reyes launched Puro Indios.

Puros Indios will be available in Malaysia at CigarHouse!

A Cigar Aficionado interview with Rolando Reyes begins:

“Few of the men who run cigar companies are great cigar rollers. Rolando Reyes Sr. is the exception. His talented hands have worked cigar tobacco since he was a child in Cuba. After he learned how to roll simple parejos, or round cigars, his tutors recognized his potential and taught him how to craft figurados, the complex shaped cigars that are the most challenging to create. In 1975, he left Cuba, taking his skills to the United States and, later, to Honduras, creating the Cuba Aliados and Puros Indios brands. Many credit him with bringing the diadema shape to the American cigar market.”

Stay tuned for cigar rolling tour announcements.

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