About Cigar House

What Is Cigar House?

Cigar House is an online Cigar Store that is designed to cater to Cigar Enthusiasts. We know how delectable it is to experience a cigar and we would like to help.

Cigarhouse.my does more than sell cigars, cigar accessories or cigar humidors. We’re are here to promote a lifestyle where cigars can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

Why should you pick Cigar House?

Cigar House is a fresh new player on the block. We’re fresh and lively and we have the tech know how to serve our customers the best way possible. Better yet, we have partnered with Trinidad Cigar Company Sdn. Bhd to ensure that every cigar you purchase is the best you can get.

Trinidad Cigar Company Sdn. Bhd are the pioneers of the "Cigar Scene" in Malaysia. The company has been in the game since the early days and have gradually evolved and grown over time. Together, Cigar House and Trinidad Cigar Company Sdn. Bhd will work together to bring you the best service possible.

Contact Us!

For urgent orders, please Whatsapp us on 010 293 1588.